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Domaine de l”Hortus

I hadn’t been to Domaine de l”Hortus since I was researching Wines of the Languedoc back in 2017, so it was high time for another visit.  However, the day did not get off to a good start.  I had opted for the crosss country route from Aniane to Valflaunès, obliviously unaware that the road was blocked at Puechebon.   Deviation signs said to follow signs to Montpellier and St Gely du Fesc, so I duly turned round, but then in good French fashion, the deviation signs petered out and I found myself in the suburbs of Montpellier, which is any driver’s nightmare.  Thank God for Waze to extricate me.   So I was only a hour late for my appointment with Yves Orliac…… The welcome was warm and I quickly forget the angst of the morning.  The visit began with vat and barrel samples of the 2023 vintage in the cellar, with Martin who is the winemaker of the three brothers.  His first vintage was 2009 and the streamlined cellar was built in 1994.       Grande Cuvée Blanc   Just taken out of barrel

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