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Domaine d'Aupilhac - an update

I always enjoying seeing Sylvain Fadat.  And this visit dates back to the early autumn of 2022.  Sylvain was very pleased with the 2022 harvest.  All had gone well.   There was an early budbreak, and none of the frost of 2021.  100mm of rain in June was beneficial, helping the vines through a dry summer, which made for one of the smallest crops of the last ten years.  However, analytically the wines do not have the profile of a hot year; on the contrary, the pH is low and the acidities are good.   The vines didn’t suffer from lack of water.    Is this the biodynamic effect on the vines, a method that he has practiced since 2014?   He did more dynamisation during the summer in 2022.  And he thinks that the plants are stronger and have more energy.  He had given them seven tons per hectare of sheep and cow manure, and if you dynamise the manure, it is absorbed more easily into the soil.   Then we talked about the creation of the Terrasses du Larzac.   He was one of the pioneers, along wi

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