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Domaine de Bon Augur

    Some of the potentially most exciting vineyards of the Languedoc are up in the hills of the Haute Vallée de l’Orb above Lunas.   We had arranged to meet Cédric Guy who runs Domaine de Bon Augur in the little village of Joncels.  First, we tasted and then we visited the vineyards.   We talked first to Frère Marie Pâques, who is involved with the restoration of the tiny chapel of Nizes outside Lunas.  In essence, the project is three wines in three different colours, from three different wine growers, which are sold to raise funds for the chapel.  Frère Marie Pâques comes from a nearby village, and he was for a number of years on the Provençal island of Lérins and now he is master-minding the restoration of the chapel.  Cedric’s contribution is Joie , a Chardonnay fermented half in barrel and half in vat, without any sulphur at all, even at bottling.   The vineyards are organic and some of the highest in the Languedoc at 550 metres, rivalling only Limoux.   Cedric explained that 2002

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