Chic lit may not be the usual topic for a wine blog, but Love in a Warm Climate does have a wine theme, and it is written by my friend, Helena Frith Powell, so that is another good reason for mentioning it.

Love in a Warm Climate is about an English woman who finds herself making wine in a fictitious village in the Languedoc, not too many kilometres from the appellation of Faugères. Helena freely admits that her knowledge of wine is limited, and she is grateful to guidance from Jean-Claude Mas for some of the wine-making details. Indeed her heroine borrows the name of Jean-Claude’s best selling brand, The Arrogant Frog, for her own wine. You are not going to learn anything much about the wines of the Languedoc, but it is a lighted-hearted read, with an engaging vinous theme – and kept me very happy on a plane from Heathrow to Pisa last week. And Helena does capture a certain French atmosphere, with amusing vignettes of French village life, and she describes the Languedoc scenery and vineyards with colour and affection, as she lived there herself for a number of years.

Love in a Warm Climate by Helena Frith Powell
Published by Gibson Square 2011


Anonymous said…
Hi, I have just come across your blog and although I have only hadtime to skim thru' as yet, I shall be back., Before ill-health forced my retirement I had dealings with vignerons independants and co-ops in the Southern Rhone and Languedoc-Roussillon. Your book on sothern French wines was my first source of of suppliers in the late 1990's.... sully
Delighted to hear that I have helped ....
Anonymous said…
I worked in xlpharmacy for many years, that was my second job in life and them when i retired and now I'm living in the mountains since 2 years ago and I'm pretty happy.

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