This figures came my way earlier in the week:

Compare 1980 with 2010:

Thirty years ago there were seven appellations, Fitou, Blanquette de Limoux, Clairette du Languedoc, and the Muscats of Frontignan, Mireval, Lunel and St. Jean de Minervois – now there are 21, or even more if you count each colour as an appellation.

And look how the cooperatives have changed:

In 1980 there were 550 coops, which produced 32 million hectolitres of wine.
In 2010 240 coops produced 12 million hectolitres.

In both instances they account for 70% of the wine production of the Languedoc.


Greg said…
One third of its former production. I didn't realize it was that drastic. That figure includes all AOC's and VDP I would assume?

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