Languedoc around the tastings - Part III - Majestic

2013 Pied Tanqué Blanc, Vin de France  - £5.49
A blend of Terret, Ugni Blanc and Colombard.  Slightly honeyed nose. Soft and lightly aromatic, but really a bit non-descript  Pied Tanqué is apparently the original name of the game pétanque, and means anchored feet. 

2013 Symbiose Piquepoul Sauvignon, Cuvée Florence - £7.64
Half Picpoul half Sauvignon.  Quite firm and pithy with a dry salty note, but I couldn’t help feeling that both would have been better off without the other.

2013 Villemarin Picpoul de Pinet - £7.64
This comes from the Pinet coop. It is delicate and fresh with a salty tang.  Medium weight.  Bring on the seafood. 

2013 Paul Mas Vermentino, Pays d’Oc  - £7.64
Light colour. Quite a firm dry nose, and light rounded palate, with fresh sappy fruit.  A sound example of Vermentino

2013 Chardonnay Réserve Spéciale, Gérard Bertrand.  - £7.49
I am not sure where these grape comes from, but Gerard Bertrand is one of the big players of the Languedoc, with vineyards all over the region.    And this simply confirmed my prejudices about Chardonnay in the Midi.  Dry oak and the nose and palate, and just a bit flat and lacking in oomph or depth.

2013 Pied Tanqué Rosé, Vin de France - £5.49
Cinsaut with a little Grenache.  Pale colour and slightly sweet and a bit stewed.  Not my idea of rosé.

2013 Pied Tanqué Rouge Vin de France - £5.49
A blend of Carignan, Grenache and a little Merlot. I couldn’t work up much enthusiasm for this either. The nose is quite ripe, with some soft fruit on the palate, and a light tannic streak, but it finishes a little thin in the mouth.

2013 Domaine Ferrandière, Pays d’Oc, Pinot Noir - £9.99
From the village of Aigues-Vives.  Aged in oak for four months.  Light fresh fruit on the nose.  Dry raspberry fruit on the palate.  Mediumweight.  Easy drinking and a good example of a variety that can be particularly tricky in the Languedoc. 

2013 Paul Mas Merlot, Pays d’Oc -  £8.99
Quite rounded rip and plumy.  Soft fruit and a tad confected on the finish. 

2013 Alain Grignon Carignan Vieilles Vignes, Pays de l’Herault - £7.99
Quit ripe rounded supple fruit, with an acidic edge.  I’ve had better old Carignan.

2011 Esprit de Pennautier, Cabardès - £19.99
Cabardès is where the varieties of the south meet those of Bordeaux.  This is a blend of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon aged in French oak for at least 12 months.  Heavy bottle.  Quite solid dense oak on the nose. Quite a ripe rounded sturdy palate.   It needs time. 


Alan March said…
Underwhelming would summarise my experience of Majestic's range. Surprising in that you would think the L-R would offer suitable mid price wines for their customers instead of the many very ordinary clarets and Australian bottles on offer.
Quite agree. I don't think on the whole that the supermarkets can be bothered to look beyond the big players in the Languedoc.

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