Discoveries at the Auberge du Presbytère

An evening at our favourite local restaurant, L’Auberge du Presbytère at Vailhan, where Marine and Baptiste provide not only a friendly welcome and a series of delicious flavours, but also a wine list that leads to new discoveries.  Yesterday evening was no exception.

There were wines from Auprès de Mon Cep at Mons le Trivalle.  This is an estate I have never heard of it, so we agreed to give their white wine a try, with Marine’s encouragement.  The cuvée name is Bling Bling! And the grape variety is Grenache Gris and the method is pretty natural.  The colour was orange, and initially before it was decanted, it has a slightly cidery note, but with air it evolved intriguingly in the glass, to develop some firm acidity and some firm mineral, with a long finish.   It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but that is always a good thing.    I do not believe in drinking the familar when a restaurant has a good wine list.  

Domaine Ribiera in Aspiran, I have heard of, and have been meaning to visit for a while now.  Their 2013 Terret, Y’a un Terret, Vin de France again had very firm acidity and an almost salty iodine character.  The texture was richer than Bling Bling and the pair provided a fascinating comparison and illustrated the never ending wealth of flavours originating from the Languedoc, not to mention the infinite possibilities for discovery.  


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