You could say that Montpellier airport is the gateway to the Languedoc.  After all there is a large sign that welcomes you to the largest vineyard in the world, but sadly nobody seems to have pointed this out to the people who run the revamped cafe / restaurant at the airport.      You would have thought that the airport restaurant would have provided an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the wonderful flavours of the Languedoc, but no...... 

Let me share the wine list with you.   For white wine, there is a Pays d’Oc Viognier, but the other two wines are Bordeaux Blanc and Sancerre.   For reds, they are offering a Costières de Nimes, which is not too far away, but administratively that appellation is part of the Rhône Valley and not the Languedoc.  The other reds are Bordeaux Rouge, Côtes du Rhône and Vin de Pays du Var, which is Provence.  Why not a Vin de Pays de l’Hérault? 

There is one rosé from the Languedoc, Listel’s Vin de Pays des Sables du Golfe du Lion and also a Costières de Nimes, but the other two are Bandol and Tavel..... and the list finishes with a small category labelled Vins du Monde, which is made up of an Argentine Malbec and two South African wines, a red and a white, going under the brand name of Zoulou Tentation....   Words fail me.    What a missed opportunity.   Where was the Faugères, the St. Chinian, Minervois, Corbières etc.. etc.  And how about ringing the changes with a wine of the week, or a wine of the month? 

And since you ask, I had a glass of the Listel rosé ......  


charlie said…
Seems nothing has changed since you last blogged on this issue.
Why do you always write the headline in caps?
Just come at Megavins 5 mn from the airport, you'll have a large choice of Languedoc wines :-)
To reply in order -

1. Actually I was surprised by the Argentine presence, but apology if I am getting a bit repetitive on this particular bugbear.

2. Why not? I've always used capitals for titles

3. What's the address,and I will.....
2. It looks strange in news feeds, email alerts and other things on the internet. According to internet etiquette all caps is considered as shouting. ;-)
thank you for that. I am obviously very ill informed on internet etiquette and have not been brought up properly .......
chaiselongue said…
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chaiselongue said…
I'm astounded that Montpellier airport isn't doing more to promote local wines, knowing how many good wines there are in the Herault. I'm afraid there can be a similar reluctance with the promotion of authentic local food too. I was directed to your blog by a reader of my post about the tourist experience of food in the Languedoc. I write a blog about growing, cooking and eating food here in the Herault, with wine too, of course. I'm very pleased to have found your blog, having had your books on our wine shelves for many years. I hope you don't mind if I link to your blog on mine
(sorry I don't seem to be able to sign in except as a blogspot blogger, although I moved my blog to WordPress a year ago.)
I have just taken a look at your blog - great photos of apricots and some delicious sounding recipes. Sadly we got down here too late to enjoy our apricots properly, but friends have made jam for us. And I will return the compliment with a link to your blog

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