An update on Domaine Monplézy

I always enjoy tasting at Monplézy as Anne Sutra de Germa has a lovely sense of humour, and her wines are good too!   And she has a welcoming tasting caveau by the cellar.  So I went round for an update last week.  Anne’s son, Benoit, is now in charge of the wine-making, though still with the help of his parents, and he has developed some new cuvées.   Anne now has 22 hectares in production, making an average total of 60,000 bottles pa.

2015 Canon Huppé, Viognier, Côtes  de Thongue- 7.50€
The name is a play on words.  All Anne’s labels have a hoopoe, so huppé could be the adjective from hoopoe, but in fact it means chic and a canon is the slang for a glass of wine.   And most of the names of her cuvées play on the meaning of Monplézy, Mont Plaisir or a hill of pleasure.  This was nicely peachy with the characteristics of Viognier, with a dry finish, making for some easy undemanding drinking.

2015 Plaisirs Interdits, Côtes de Thongue – 7.50€
A blend of Vermentino, Sauvignon, Muscat, Grenache Blanc and just a touch of Viognier.  Soft ripe Muscat fruit on the nose, with some balancing acidity on the palate.  Quite rounded with a firm streak on the finish.   Anne observed that making a blend works rather as it does with ingredients in the kitchen, with the aromas all complimenting each other.  But people find it easier to understand single varietals. 

2013 Felicité Blanc, Côtes de Thongue – 14.00€
A blend of Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier, fermented in wood, and then given six months ageing in wood.   You do notice the oak on the nose, and even more so on the palate, but there is good fruit under the oak, which should develop nicely in bottle.  I could certainly detect some peachy notes from the Viognier. 

2014 Emocion, Côtes de Thongue, - 12.00€
A blend of equal parts of Sauvignon, fermented in stainless steel vats, and Viognier, fermented in wood.  Although there is a wood component, the impact on both nose and palate is less obvious than for Felicite.  There is some rich rounded fruit from the Viognier, which the Sauvignon balances with some refreshing vivacity.  Very satisfying texture and mouth feel.

And then onto rosé, with 2014 Plaisirs Interdits  Côtes de Thongue – 6.00€ 
A blend of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsaut.  Mainly Grenache and saigné.  Quite a bright pink colour, with fresh dry strawberry nose and fresh fruit balanced by good acidity on the palate.

2015 Plaisirs Interdits, Côtes de Thongue.
There is less Syrah in this 2015, than in the 2014, which makes for a much lighter gris colour.  In 2014 they had problems with rain, with the grapes bursting before they were properly ripe.  2015 is more balanced, but still very young and needs to fill out a little.  Essentially it is fresh and elegant.

2015 Plaisirs Rosé, Languedoc – 6.50€
Mainly Cinsaut with some Grenache and Syrah.  A light colour; fresh fruit on the nose and palate.  Delicate and rounded.

2014 Emocion, Languedoc – 12.00€
Mainly Grenache with some Cinsaut and Syrah.  Bâtonné and kept in Marsanne barrels for one month.  Quite a firm nose, and on the palate firm fruit with some oak.  A rosé with body and weight.

2015 Emocion
Quite a delicate nose, with firm youthful fruit.  Very good acidity.  Very fresh and youthful on the finish.  Will fill out a little with some bottle age.

2015 Canon Huppé Rouge, Côtes de Thongue – 6.50€
A pure Cinsaut, and the second vintage of this wine.  They made just 5000 bottles of it in 2014, and it disappeared comme des petits pains as the French say; like hot cakes.  It is intended for easy drinking and that is just what it achieves.  Medium colour.  Fresh red fruit.  Rounded with fresh acidity and some appealing perfume.  Serve slightly chilled.

2014 Plaisirs Interdits, Côtes de Thongue
A blend of Merlot, Marselan and Carignan.  Medium colour.  Ripe rounded fruit on nose and palate, with a tannic streak, especially on the finish.  Quite rounded cassis.

2015 Plaisirs Rouge, Languedoc – 8.00€
Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Cinsaut.  With the emphasis on fruit.  Medium colour.  Young spicy fruit on the nose and palate, with balancing tannin and a youthful finish.  Easy drinking, but a little more serious than the Canon Huppé.   Pleasure is its aim, and it succeeds. 

2013 Felicité, Pézenas - 14.00€
Grenache, Carignan and Syrah, with 12 months in wood.  Young colour.  Rounded and ripe, with some oak on the nose, and well integrated oak on the palate, nicely balanced with good fruit.   Very successful.  20% of the wine is kept in vat rather than barrel, making it less oak than previous vintages.  Lovely concentrated spicy fruit.

2013 Emocion, Pézenas – 21.00€
95% Syrah with some Carignan.  In wood for 12 months.  Deep colour.  Solid rich nose, with oak and spice.  Quite a powerful finish.  Very youthful.  Needs time in bottle.

2014 Délice, Vin de France – 22.00€

Pure Grenache Noir picked late October.   Ripe spice, sweet and rich, with notes of cinnamon, cloves and fruitcake.  A delicious finale.  


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