Fund-raising at Domaine de Sarabande

Paul and Isla Gordon at Domaine de Sarabande in Faugères need a new cellar.  With the growing success of their wines, they have quite simply outgrown their original cellar, that was little better than a large garage.  We met soon after their first vintage in 2009, when I realised that Paul had let me taste every single barrel in his cellar, that is to say all three of them!   So now they are planning a brand new ecological winery and need help.  So if you have ever fancied being a little more involved with a wine estate than just popping in to buy the odd bottle, here is your opportunity.  They are fund-raising or rather crowd-funding.  As Paul says,'it is all about raising equity from private donations in return for a selection of rewards, for any amount from £10 or 10€ to £5000 or €5000'.  According to how much you contribute, you will receive discounts on wine and regular newsletters, so that you know what is going on and can feel involved with their progress.   For instance, £200 will give you a vine, with your name on it.  Paul doesn’t say if you can choose the grape variety, but I would hope so!  Be tempted - and it doesn’t matter if you are in France, the UK or Eire - do check out their website:


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