The Real Wine Fair – Episode 4


Mas Foulaquier in the Pic St Loup.   

I am ashamed to admit that I have never actually visited this estate.  It’s on the list!  


2019 Les Montagnes Bleues, IGP Cevennes - £12.65

Pic St Loup is an appellation, but only for red wine, with a blend of grape varieties.  This is pure Grenache Noir, and consequently an IGHP.  Any white or rosé from the Pic St Loup will either Languedoc  AOP or and IGP.  Light red in colour.  Fragrant red fruit on the nose and palate.  Quite lightweight, with some acidity.  An elegant palate with a dry finish.   Nicely refreshing,


2019 L’Orphée - £15.95

A blend of equal parts of Syrah and Grenache aged for two years, one third each in amphora, concrete vats and barrels of different sizes.  Blended together six months before bottling.  Good colour.   Quite a firm nose and a dense palate, with some solid red fruit.  Youthful with ageing potential.


2020 Les Calades - £19.60

80% Syrah with 20% Grenache Noir.  Fifteen months ageing, again with one third amphora, concrete and barrel.  They would have preferred two years ageing, but there was a demand on sales.  Good colour. Quite a solid rounded nose. Quite dense and tannic on the palate.  Good fruit, but sturdy with oak on the finish.  Very youthful.  Needs time.


2020 Orange à la Mer

A blend of Muscat and Grenache Blanc, given three months skin contact.  Very concentrated.  Very orange. Very intense, with a balancing streak of tannin and good weight.  


Domaine Jean-Baptiste Sénat

Another estate that I have yet to visit.  And based on this tasting, I would certainly like to do so.  A trio of Minervois

2021 Minervois Arbalete & Coquelicots - £12.05

Mainly Grenache with a little Cinsault and Mourvèdre, bottled in February after ageing in stainless steel.  Light colour.  Very fresh nose, with cherry fruit on the palate.  Very elegant. I liked this a lot.  


2020 Minervois La Nine - £14.80

40% Carignan, with Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, and Syrah in more or less equal amounts.  Two thirds aged in vat and one third in old wood for ten to twelve months.  Medium colour.  Quite a rounded nose with some spice.  Good weight, with some structure and ripe fruit.  Rounded and harmonious.


2020 Minervois  Mais ou est donc ornicar.  - £15.80-

Mainly Grenache with some Carignan.  Quite a light colour.  A little more weight than Arbalete & Coquelicots, but similar in style.  Fresh rounded cherry fruit.  Medium weight.  Nice texture.


Les Hautes Terres

A friendly chat with Geneviève Azam; I missed seeing Gilles.  

NV Joséphine Crémant de Limoux. - £17.30

A blend of Chardonnay, Chenin and Mauzac.   Soft and frothy, creamy and rounded with a satisfying touch of bitterness from the Mauzac.


2021 Les (H)Autres Terres Blanc - £11.30

Mauzac, 40%, 60% Chardonnay with some traces of Chenin.  Quite a delicate nose and on the palate some fresh acidity with lightly buttery fruit. The oak is well integrated and with a delicate palate that is a balance of the two grape varieties.  A firm finish.


2020 Louis Limoux Blanc

A blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Chenin.  A selection of the best juice.  Some subtle oak.  Nicely balanced with youthful fruit and the right amount of acidity


Mas Amiel

Mas Amiel provided my bonne bouche at the end of the day.


2020 Maury Vintage Blanc - £19.50

Pure Grenache Gris, quite soft and rounded on both nose and palate.  I have to admit that I cannot get too excited about Maury Blanc.   Some vin de voile or an old rancio is much more exciting.


2020 Maury Vintage Rouge - £19.50

Young red colour. Rounded ripe cherry fruit on both nose and palate.  Medium weight.


1999 Maury Millésime 99 - £43.00

Bottled in 2021.  Deep amber colour.  Rounded and ripe with a balancing dry finish.   A good finale.  







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