Wine LR

Wine LR describes itself as the first iPad application dedicated to the wines and wine growers of the Languedoc.   Each month they produce a series of mini films – one featuring a wine grower from the region; a second considers an aspect of wine making or viticulture and the third is an interview with somebody who is involved with the region.  And that is how it came to my notice, with an email de la part de I can’t quite remember who – please may we come and talk to you.   For the moment the application is only in French, and I was rather bemused to hear myself translated into French.  It seemed to give my words more gravitas, much to my amusement!   And as well as talking about my enthusiasm for the Languedoc and other things vinous, I was asked to choose two coups de coeur amongst the local wines.   Not an easy decision, but I plumped for Ollier-Taillefer’s Faugères Les Collines as it is quite simply Languedoc sunshine in a glass, and Mas Gabriel’s Clos des Papillons, because it is made from Carignan blanc, which is one of the original grape varieties of the Languedoc,  that is currently undergoing a much deserved revival of interest.   Also in the August edition of Wine LR was Brigitte Chevalier from Domaine de Cébène, one of my favourite Faugères producers.  You see her walking through her wonderfully scenic vineyards and talking in her small cellar and the piece really brought the Languedoc to life in a way that plain words cannot.  

So do look for Wine LR on your iPad


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