Talking about the Languedoc with The French Wine Society

There is an organisation based in the USA, but run by Julien Camus from Alsace,  called The French Wine Society,  that organises lectures and seminars, or rather webinars,  over the net, and they have invited me to take part in a course on Languedoc-Roussillon.   A friend and fellow M.W. Matthew Stubbs, who runs a wine school, Vinecole, near Carcassonne, has put the syllabus together and is covering the essential elements of the Languedoc and then there are various other speakers, such as my friend and colleague, Andrew Jefford, covering other aspects of the region.   I've been asked to talk about Tradition and Transition in the Languedoc  which is a good subject to get one's teeth into, but I should not say more about the ground I will cover until 11th April, the date of my webinar.

Meanwhile both Matthew and I were interviewed by Lynn Kriewlow Chamberlain  for an East Coast  radio show, iWineRadio,  that concentrates on wine.   Here are the links to our interviews:

for Matthew:  

and for me:  

And for more information about the course on the Languedoc, and the various other courses that the French Wine Society runs, go to: 


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