Traffic hazards at harvest time

                                                         Slippery road.  Grape harvest

The roundabouts in Pezenas suddenly spawned a series of warning notices in early September.  The Pezenas coop is on a main  road on the  edge of the town so if any of the coop members have leaking trailers, grape juice could indeed be a bit of a traffic problem.   And I seen a similar sign once before, on the island of Cyprus.  In fact a photograph of a warning : 'road slippery with grape juice' was the very first thing I  ever had published in Decanter magazine, back in the autumn of 1977!


Zzzz said…
Could it also have to do with the amount of water running odf from the cellar? Just curious as this harvest has been much cleaner and not the slosh through rotten marmelade that 2014 was.
AlanM said…
It was funny seeing them, I posted a photo on Twitter and found I was the third that day :)
I was also going to use it in my next blog post but you beat me to it!!
It's actually the first time that I have seen that sign, But the coop cellar in Pezenas is not near where the signs, so I am assuming grape juice, and wine cellars are not supposed to simply let water flow into the street.

Alan - I am sure we have different readers, so there is room for two!
Graham said…
The grape juice seems to drip out of trailers full or grapes, especially when the tractor pulls out or goes round a bend. Not at all pleasant on bicycles (2 wheels) - it is sticky sticky sticky.
Agree there has been relatively little spillage this year - perhaps because many of the grapes have smaller berries and this has retained the juice when on the road.

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