Back in the Languedoc

One of the first things we do when we arrive at our house, especially after a 982 mile drive from London, is chose some wine for dinner.  Imagine our panic when the key to what passes as our cellar, an insulated walk-in cupboard in our garage, was not in its usual place, in the lock.   Fortunately a spare was found; we weren’t even sure that we had one.   And then I noticed empty spaces in the wine rack and one or two boxes out of place.  Further investigation revealed a garage door that was not properly locked.   It seems that our thieves have a sweet tooth.  They had gone for the part of the wine rack with dessert wines, and they seemed to have good taste.  Gone were bottles of La Croix Belle’s  Solenque and Rives Blanques' Lagamas d’Aur, not to mention a rare bottle of Marie-Thérèse Chappaz’s dessert wine from the Valais.  And for good measure they had helped themselves to a bottle of Pineau de Charente, given to us by friends from Cognac, leaving the empty box by the cellar door.   And further investigation revealed that they also liked champagne, but not Blanquette, and appreciated port………

Affronted at their audacity, and relieved that our thieves were obviously on foot, and not cleared out the cellar, we needed some liquid consolation.   The first bottle was 2010 la Rupture from Domaine Turner Pageot.  This is one of the best, if not the best Sauvignon from the Languedoc.  It has wonderful minerality and great texture and mouth feel, with a fine balance of acidity and fruit, and is packed with character.  A delicious glass of wine.

And our red choice was a random bottle of 2008 Borie de Maurel, Belle de Nuit from the Minervois, produced by Michel Escande in Félines-Minervois.   It was drinking beautifully, with some ripe fruit and a fresh finish, despite the 14.5˚ alcohol.  There was a touch of tapenade and a touch of spice and some and harmonious tannins.  It was all in balance.

It is amazing how a glass or two of good wine helps soothe ruffled feathers.   We felt much better.    And now to organise a better lock to the cellar door. 


Alan March said…
Sorry to hear that Rosemary.
La Rupture is a terrific bottle of wine, so mineral and beautifully made.
Unknown said…
Oh no, I had no idea. You didn't say. What a horrid thing to happen. I hope you have fun restocking!

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