L’Atelier des Vignerons

Good wine shops or cavistes are few and far between in wine areas.    The assumption is that you go and buy at the cellar door.   But the people who live in the lovely town of Limoux are fortunate for they have the Atelier des Vignerons, which is run by Laurence Turetti.   I was in Limoux last week, so it was a good opportunity to pop in and say hallo.  The shop is tucked into a corner of the main square of Limoux, which is one of my favourite places to watch the world go by.  There are several cafés and restaurants and at this time of year stalls selling melons, peaches and apricots.  

Laurence has a fine selection of wines of the Languedoc, but obviously concentrates on what is closest to home, with a particularly good range of Limoux and Malepère, but with lots else besides to tempt.  It is a lovely shop to browse around, with the wines arranged by appellation, and she is there to offer advice.    She enthused about the region. ‘I am always finding new wines that I want to buy, but I just don’t have enough room to stock everything’.    So what is new? I asked.   

One suggestion was 2012 Oufti, a delicious Fitou from Mas des Caprices in Leucate.  That is a completely unknown name to me.  Apparently Mireille and Pierre Mann come from Belgium and Oufti, an anagram of Fitou, is a Belgium interjection of surprise or relief, maybe translating as Wow! or Phew!   And the wine is delicious, with some lovely fresh peppery fruit, balanced by that firm streak of tannin that is characteristic of Fitou.  It has a slightly rugged note, which you expect with Fitou, and is nicely balanced, and still youthful, with plenty of potential.   So thank you, Laurence.  A great recommendation.   So if anyone happens to be in Limoux, do pop in. 

L’Atelier des Vignerons
2 Place de la République
11300 Limoux
Tel : 04 68 20 12 42


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