My husband had to fly back to London last week, and opted for Ryanair from Béziers. As it happened, a couple of friends were on the same flight so they drove to the airport together, in good time for a glass of rosé before going through security. They felt like a second glass, but on being reassured that the tiny bar beyond security had some rosé, they went through passport control and so on. So the following conversation was a bit of a surprise.

Please may I have three glasses of rosé?

No, sorry.

But I can see a bottle in the fridge.

Yes, but I don’t have a corkscrew.

Why not?

I did have one, but I lost it

Can’t you borrow a corkscrew from the other bar? (meaning the one before security)

No, we are not allowed a corkscrew this side of security as it has a knife on it (presumably a frustrated passenger might run amok).

Have you thought about having wine with a screw cap?

Wine in screw cap bottles isn’t any good.

Or how about getting some wine opened the other side and bringing it through?

But we might not sell it all – (and open bottles would be wasted)

Words failed them…….


Anonymous said…
"NO" ........ please SAY it "isn't" TRUE this story??
REALLY?? obviously NOT a "true wine bar", shameful! ....... I almost "cringed" at this story, so sorry for your experience! ......

p.s. SOME of the "best" wines come from a "screw cap!", not as sexy as opening the bottle w/an actual cork, but .... it's the future!
I am afraid it is all too true - related to me verbatim by the friend who had the conversation. and like you, I wonder at the negative attitude to screw caps. They are not the future for everything, but they certainly are for rose in an airport bar.
Anonymous said…
"well ...... said!" :)
Anonymous said…
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